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Since I read "Ishmael" by Dan Quinn (and his other books, of course) I haven't bothered with much other literature; this book has changed my life and the way I view our culture, and even more importantly, the human place in the community of life.

Throughout my life I have been in and out of various religions and philosophies so I can safely claim I've stood on "each side of the fence". Taoism, Zen, Bhuddism, Atheism up to born-again Christian ("hah", I can hear you say, "you weren't truely born again if you went back from that!" ;-), I've had it all.

The notion conveyed in Quinn's books is closest to a very early Taoism in my opinion which might be due to the fact that Taoism itself is very very old, just like man, so is probably not as "tainted" in its concepts as most other taker religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and what not.

This does not imply that Dan's books are about religion; only marginally in fact. If you're interested of a first glimpse into his ideas I'd recommend you check the website at Ishmael.org or this document.

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Drivel by yours truly

This is (or will be rather) a compilation of various articles I have written in response to articles on USENET and other web-based bulletin boards. As they are mostly off topic for the forum in question, I have decided to put my replies on the web instead and simply post the URL's as to not waste everybody elses bandwith.

Some of this material is reproduced without permission from various authors, so if you have a problem with any of this please let me know.

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