TSW: Split axis modification for F1 2001 / 2002

This document aimt to explain how to modify your TSW2 / TSWmod in order to function with ISI's F1 2001 / F1 2002 i split axis mode. The modification is permanent, i.e. you won't be able to switch the controller to combined axis mode again without opening it and undoing the modification, but who would want that anyway?

Most of the instructions here were pasted from a mail I received from Dave Jr. of Thomas Enterprises. It really has to be one of the best companies on the planet, just for the support and energy they put into making their customers happy.

Below is a picture of the "original" TSW wiring. I'll hand you over now to Dave to explain the actual modification. No soldering required, just loosening and tightening of some screws. Have fun!

Here's a fix for the problem, but it will put your controller in permanent split mode (you'll have to revert it to the original wiring to go back to combined if you would need to do so). I've theorized about this working but I just now took the time to try it out, and it's actually pretty simple to make it work this way.

Open up your steering controller, locate the terminal block on the right. You'll see that there are two black cables that connect in the terminal block, these are the pedal cables. One has 2 wires, the other has 3. You want to disconnect the white wire from the 2 wire cable from the terminal block, and make sure it stays out of the way (tuck it underneath the black cable where it's pressed into the terminal block).

Now, disconnect the bare wire from the 3 wire cable, and move it over to the spot that the white wire of the 2 wire cable was in (across from the red wire with the white stripe). That's all there is to it. Now in windows, create a custom config, but make it 3 axes instead of 4. Calibrate in windows, and then you shouldn't have any trouble in the F12k games.

The wires affected by the modification are marked by red arrows in the images.

In the above picture, you can see the white wire disconnected and bent back and stuck between the terminal screws where they won't touch or short anything.

Make sure that poll with interrupts enabled is unchecked / disabled in your controller setup. This is vital, otherwise the modification won't help you.

Thanks again to Thomas Enterprises for their help in this matter!

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